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New! The Bottle Bezel™ Self Defense Tool

Bottle BezelIntroducing the Bottle Bezel™, one of the most revolutionary self defense devices to come around in years! Over a year of design and testing went into the development of the Bottle Bezel. Simply remove the cap off of a standard plastic beverage bottle, and replace with the Bottle Bezel, or Bottle Bezel Jr.™, you now have an effective, less lethal self defense tool that you can carry, when other options are not appropriate. Made of space age impact resistant polymer, the Bottle Bezel, and Bottle Bezel Jr. replaces 2 of the most common sizes of bottle caps used in the industry today.

The drawback to many "keychain" self defense tools is that if your keys are not already in your hand, you must access the tool before you can use it, but by then it may be too late!! The Bottle Bezel turns the item already in your hand into an effective personal defense tool!

Think about it, we carry around water bottles all the time, while jogging, hiking, walking the dog, etc. That, and a 20 oz. beverage bottle is weighing in at just over 1 1/4 lbs.!!! Why not use it to defend yourself? The Bottle Bezel has a checkered, "tenderizer" top surface, with 6 serrated, trapezoid petals that surround it. It can be used 4 standard ways, regular grip, inverted grip, gouging mode, or as a weighted flail with accessory lanyard.

The Bottle Bezel will fit the vast majority of soft drink bottles, including Dasani*, and Aquafina* water bottles.

The Bottle Bezel Jr. will fit the majority of smaller cap water bottles on the market today, such as Poland Spring*, Deer Park*, and other water bottles.

Made of Space-Age High-Impact Polymer.
Attaches to one of the most common items in the modern world today... the plastic beverage bottle!
Lightweight and reusable
Manufactured from food-grade plastic materials.
Dishwasher safe.


* Osprey Innovations does not sell the bottles or recommend a particular brand over another. Dasani, Aquafina, Poland Spring, and Deer Park are registered brand names.


Featured Product

Bottle Bezel is the new choice for people with or without self-defense skills. Simply screw the Bottle Bezel onto your favorite beverage, wrap it around your wrist with our lanyard, and know you're better protected while running errands, jogging, or just walking around.

Stay safer.

Bottle Bezel ships with two caps in each package for only $9.99

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